Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Different Point of View

One of the things I love most about photography is the fact that even a child can shoot a photo but in a different perspective,

One - Theyre not as tall so they dont see the world the way we do

two - Theyre kids so they can never even hold the camera still giving it some motion

three - Their photo subject decision making skills are pretty quick since they usually want to shoot their favorite toys, people, things.

(to name a few...)

I made a list for my little friend Dean (5 years old) and showed him how to use a camera application on my phone, taught him how to turn the flash on and there he went with his ten item photo assignment.

These 10 items were chosen by him and photographed with no influence or direction from anyone but himself.

Assignment List

#1 - Mom

#2 - Candle

#3 - Bed

#4 - Flower (Orchid)

#5 - Bicycle

#6 - Toys

#7 - Lamp

#8 - T.V. / Fan

#9 - Door Locks

#10 - Chris

(Photos by) Dean "Deano" De La Torre, 5 Yrs old