Monday, November 16, 2009

Erick Stricker Skate Jam

So some of my homies and I decided to head out to the Transworld Skateboarding offices this past Saturday to pay our respects to Eric Stricker who recently passed away. Eric was the Editor for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and he will be greatly missed.

I have been reading TWS for 13 years now so I was glad that I could come and show my respect to someone such as Eric that made it possible for myself and millions of other skateboarders and skateboarding fans to have a magazine with some real skateboarding content inside.

The turnout was a good one, seeing many people rocking Chi-town Jerseys and putting back plenty of silver bullets! People were tearing up the skate park and all in all it was great vibes from everyone that was there. It felt like a real family, a skateboarding family which is what we all are.

Here are a few photos I shot. Enjoy.