Monday, September 7, 2009

Kelli's Cali Trip

Ok, so Kelli (my G/F :) took a trip to Cali for the weekend to spend some time with me (the B/F :). The last time I saw Kelli it had been in early July from a roadtrip I took with some good friends to Flint Michigan. Before this I had not seen Kelli in a little shy of one year.

A lot has happened in Kelli's life and it hasnt all been good, in
fact a lot of it has been very tragic and sad.
Kelli is one of my favorite people to photograph, she has so many different amazing raw feelings and emotions that show through her that are always amazing to capture. She's also so beautiful to photograph, im always telling her that which she always shrugs off but I believe these photos show for themselves.

Kelli, you are truly a gorgeous girl.

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